Sunday, March 21, 2010

Art in The Heart

One of the other talented art teachers in my school, became involved in a local art teachers group, this is thier first student exhibition Art in The Heart at the Axis Theatre Ballymun. As part of ‘Lift Ballymun Youth Arts Festival’ 2010, Using mixed media, print, collage and paint, the students used the heart as the central symbol to create the various pieces that combine to make this exhibition. Thanks too Freedom for the photos.

I have updates the Selotape Sculpture post with some of the work my students are doing, if you want to have a look.

Car Art

Ian Cook Work Shop
BMW Art Cars
Ian Cook, Pop Bang Colour, Painting and Drawing with toy cars.

I went to an Specialist Crafts In-service yesterday and there was a good workshop by Ian Cook, I maight try and do something like this with my students. The boys always love drawing cars so this might intrest them. He also showed us a great way to do the colour wheel. The photos show a pint of Guinness a group of us made with wheels and toy cars.