Sunday, November 21, 2010

Doodle for Google

We are doing this with our 1st Years this year. We did it last year and it was a hit with the students, its great because it comes complete with lesson plans.


  1. Do you know when the competition is for 2011?

  2. Do you know when they usually announce the new theme? I did it last year but it was my first year teaching so I don't know how it works!

  3. The information below is from the Irish Doodle For Google Site. For the USA and UK I can only find last years details.

    There is a limit of six entries per school. You could perhaps hold an internal competition to select the best doodles in the class or school
    When you are ready to submit your entries, complete the online entry form which opens on October 22nd 2010. You will need to include the pupils’ titles and supporting statements for each entry.
    Attach an entry form with the school and individual student’s information to each doodle
    Then post your school’s entries to the address below by December 10th 2010:

  4. Google does not have this year's contest theme posted yet. Last year we participated too; I think the contest theme was posted in the beginning of February, so I wouldn't worry about starting this project for a while yet. I'm sure if you check google regularly they will be pretty obvious with it.

  5. The Irish one is posted and its about Happiness. The deadline is December 10th 2010

  6. Oh I love this! We've been doing this for the last couple years. Like Phyl said, we usually check around February for the theme. I think entries are usually do in March?

    I also do a secret ballot vote for our entries with the faculty. Some of our students' entries turn out FABULOUS! I hate to see them not get any credit and feel as if they didn't win.